1. Why use FPGAs for cloud scale acceleration? @gadi_hutt of AWS takes you through it in his excellent keynote at Frankfurt. 

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    If you haven't read it yet, our new application note on how and can drive huge latency reductions for logging applications is probably the best thing you'll read all day! 

  3. New Xilinx Portal - See what's upcoming and on-demand
    Visit now: 

  4. Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ on-chip DAC sample rate jumps to 6.554Gsamples/sec—of particular note for DOCSIS 3.1 designers 

  5. What does -based, real-time object recognition for driving look like? Got your 4-minute demo video right here 

  6. Xilinx Zynq act as the master control system for @BITMAINtech's mining machines, offering high performance at a low BOM cost.

  7. .@DeutscheBoerse monitors every trade with @MetamakoLP's MetaApp 32 Network Application Platform, based on -7 FPGAs 

  8. Meet challenges with a little help from @AvnetSilica, the Xilinx Zynq , and the Xilinx acceleration stack 

  9. We’ll be @ucsantabarbara and @StanfordEng this week. If you are looking for an internship, full time position or a fidget spinner, please stop by our booth! Get all the details at .

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    The @element14 Arty S7 RoadTest is now open for enrollment! Apply today to become one of the selected few and test our new development board built around the @XilinxInc Spartan-7 FPGA. 

    Learn more about the RoadTest process at: 

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    Adam Taylor’s MicroZed Chronicles, Part 233: Zynq SoC XADC Streaming & Answering Questions 

  12. .@photonfocus' MV1-D1280-L01-1280-G2 industrial camera gets help from its integral -6 FPGA to store high-speed, 948fps burst-mode video for subsequent analysis 

  13. MADV Technology’s Madventure 360° video camera uses -6 FPGA to stitch and synchronize the video from two image sensors in real time 

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    Competition: Win an AVNET MiniZed-single-core Zynq 7Z007S dev board  -Fi @XilinxInc @FarnellNews @avnet

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  15. Zynq UltraScale+ ref design achieves 42x speedup for Sobel filtering in video demo 

  16. Hands on: Watch YouTube video maker “takeshi i” create an IoT device using a -based, $199 @DigilentInc Z7 dev board 

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    Bringing embedded vision systems to market @AvnetSilica 

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    See our latest , CA and click to apply: Senior Design Verification Engineer - FPGA SOC -