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Senior Product Applications Engineer - Embedded

Shanghai Shi, China, China
Jul 31, 2018


Job Description


Xilinx develops highly flexible and adaptive processing platforms that enable rapid innovation across a variety of technologies - from the endpoint to the edge to the cloud. Xilinx is the inventor of the FPGA, hardware programmable SoCs and the ACAP (Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform), designed to deliver the most dynamic processor technology in the industry and enable the adaptable, intelligent and connected world of the future in a multitude of markets including Data Center (Compute, Storage and Networking); Wireless/5G and Wired Communications; Automotive/ADAS; Emulation & Prototyping; Aerospace & Defense; Industrial Scientific & Medical, and others. Xilinx's core strengths simultaneously address major industry trends including the explosion of data, heterogeneous computing after Moore's Law, and the dawn of artificial intelligence (AI).

Our global team is growing and we are looking for bold, collaborative and creative people to help us lead the industry transformation to build an adaptable intelligent world. We believe that by embracing diverse ideas, striving for excellence in all that we do, and working together as a unified team, we can accomplish anything. Come do your best work and live your best life as part of the ONEXILINX team! 

GSM Product Application Engineer

Problem Solving
  • Quickly recognizes customer issue and identifies where this lines up with Xilinx tools or devices
  • Proposes work around to issue
  • Works on Field Escalations
  • Identifies CRs or knowledge gaps
  • Able to reproduce complex issues
  • Effectively communicates timelines and priorities to customers and sales team
  • Ability to handle and solve simple system level issues
Process Management
  • Verifies CRs
  • Reviews Xilinx Documentation pre-release through XART process
  • Has CRs assigned to them for MI (More Information)
  • Technically Reviews Articles
  • Guides lower level experts on case handling
  • Forums ' Moderating and contributing to forums at an expert level
  • Moderates Experts Communities
  • Ability to manage WW cross region urgent escalations effectively and set expectations with the experts and the Customers.
  • Leads Local Help Sessions
  • Performs Program Management roles such ESP account management
  • Work with other PAEs to maintain health of Experts Community for relevant Topics through participation, mentoring and monitoring
Technical Design Skill
  • Understands the function of the specific design skill and its relation to few other skills in the design stage
  • Intermediate experience of specific design skill
  • Basic experience of other skills in Design Stage
  • Can solve problems with expert help
  • Able to deliver ready-to-use training material
  • 'Journeyman', 'Fully capable'

PPG Design Engineer

Design Implementation
  • Runs design models through EDA tools to anticipate and address implementation challenges prior to fabrication (i.e., 'pipe clean' tools)
  • Demonstrates a broad understanding of process technology and circuit capability in implementing component design
  • Exercises solid analytical problem solving in troubleshooting component designs (e.g., timing analysis, constraint setting)
  • Works efficiently and with agility to implement designs (e.g., transistor design, RTL coding, synthesis, conversion, linear dimension work, integration, verification)
  • Writes elegant, efficient code for devices or tools that avoid costly, overly complex solutions
  • Holds peer reviews of designs or methodologies to accommodate corrections, changing requirements, or new features
  • Accurately documents and effectively communicates the rational for a design to design implementation stakeholders (e.g., peers, Technical Solution Groups, management)
  • Applies systematic version control and tracking procedures to maintain quality source code
  • Coordinates with and manages external vendor deliverables
Design Requirements Assessment
  • Assesses proposed component features to help determine cost-effectiveness and feasibility
  • Provides input in shaping and formalizing component roadmaps, resource needs, and milestones
  • Present design decisions in a constructive and professional way before peers and direct management
  • May interact directly with customers as required

PPG Product Application Engineer

Customer Awareness
  • Developing understanding of customer flows and expectations, and can provide pre and post-sales support with guidance.
Dealing with Ambiguity
  • Executes to plan and stays motivated even while gaining better understanding that things change. Seeks guidance from management whenever in doubt to stay fully engaged. Works with management to ensure they are aware of potential gaps that may cause uncertainties within the team.
Indirect Influence
  • Negotiates across group boundaries under guidance. Seeks to identify alignment to common goals to get agreements for new work. Works with management if alignment can not be achieved.
Product Knowledge
  • Has understanding of the entire FPGA design process and tool flow, with expertise in at least one technology area.
Technical Product Skills
  • Has completed Fundamental training
  • Can handle issues by following a debug checklist
  • Basic experience using the product
  • Knowledgeable on general product issues
  • Needs assistance to debug more complex problems
  • Attain Intermediate level in multiple expertise areas in your skillset
  • Be very close to Attain Advanced Level expertise and have a definitive plan to attain it
  • Accepts escalations from Intermediate experts
  • Work with lower level experts via regular case sweeps, problem Solving sessions, and debugging help
  • Completed Silver Level Certification


Design Enablement (Tools/System/Practice)
  • Exercises a solid understanding of how circuit blocks are architected, developed, integrated, and verified through testing to achieve specification-compliant deliverables (e.g., CAD modeling, RTL coding, circuit architectures, building circuit specifications, applying simulation techniques, implementing verification testing methods)
  • Capable of mentoring junior engineers in the tips and tricks of tools used at Xilinx.
  • Applies technical innovation in the use of standard design implementation tools and methods (system portioning).
  • Adapts design implementation methods as required, cognizant of the challenges inherent in new technologies
  • Works effectively with new tool sets and ensures that the right tools are selected for hardware design implementation.
  • Capable of providing inputs to more senior team members on issues to improve the tools.
Design Process and Methodology
  • Demonstrates flexible adaptability in working with still maturing, generation-dependent design and testing methods
  • Provides design management (e.g., CAD department) with feedback on the efficiency of proposed methods and associated challenges, based on applied experience
  • Actively monitors Xilinx and industry communications for evolving design methodology practices and changes in approach
  • Ensures compliance with Xilinx engineering practice and methodologies.
Solution Excellence
  • Contributes validated 'answers' to EC post consistently
  • Reviews and updates articles that are incomplete
  • Creates articles that are ready to publish
  • Executes Supportability projects
  • Takes part in CEV or Pre-release Bash events
  • Creates Tutorials/Reference designs/XAPP/DAAR's/DAMAR's/Release Notes/Known Issues/White paper based on requirements
  • Participate in creation of Solution Centers
  • Maintain Solution Centres
  • Conduct trainings/workshops to the sales/field on requested topics
  • Achieves Publishing Rights for a Topic area
Technical Acumen
Technical Communication and Training
  • Can simplify more complex subjects and make them understandable. Can get points across to other groups, and understand their needs. Can prepare and present good presentations for technical audiences in their area of expertise.
  • Can define and create well-received training materials for a limited portion of the toolset, for specific audiences upon request.
  • Can author accurate documentation, proposals, and specs for their functional areas under guidance and review.
Testing Acumen
  • Reviews and understands testing methodology to ensure broad and complete coverage. Provides feedback where appropriate.
Training and Development
Verification and Validation
  • Creates verification plans at the block level
  • Understands protocols and standards associated with products
  • Collaborates with program management to verify that components meet technical specifications and quality requirements (e.g., power efficiency, area efficiency, ease of use)
  • Collaborates with other hardware and software groups to ensure effective component integration within the larger system
  • Supports Test Engineering or customer verification engineering teams in the setting up of valid test verification criteria and plans
  • Supports Applications Engineering in debugging customer issues
  • Troubleshoots component blocks as required to ensure milestone achievement and production-ready integration (e.g., specifications, performance, standards)
  • Manages regression suites for products, and contributes to the tool flow
  • Acts on verification test data to ensure seamless component integration, device manufacturability, and sign-off acceptability if applicable (e.g., customer sample feedback, iterative tape-out production turns involving 3rd parties)
  • When required, creates environment and infrastructure to test designs in a HW verification environment, and running test scenarios

·        BS in Computer or Electrical Engineering required, MS preferred

·        5+ years of applications engineering or related design Embedded design experience with FPGA’s or SOCs

·        Understanding of embedded systems design flow and tools and ability to independently research and resolve issues

·        Ability to build, debug and deploy complete embedded Linux and/or Baremetal systems from source (including bootloader, U-Boot, Linux kernel and root filesystem)

·        C++ skills and expertise

·        Experience using Xilinx HLS tools preferred

·        Outstanding oral and written communication skills 

·        High initiative and self-starter 

·        Ability to communicate technical information in an organized and understandable fashion

·        Customer oriented approach with a demonstrated concern and desire to work with and assist customers

·        Good organizational skills with the ability to multitask, prioritize, and track many activities 


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